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Erin's Ring (fiction)

Erin's Ring by Laura Pearl, two-time Catholic Press Award winner, is available from the author for bulk purchase. Contact Laura Pearl directly (you may even want to invite Laura to speak to your women's club!) Laura's contact information is TJPearl @ Comcast.net. Visit Laura's website
The Rosary Workout
The ideal way to combine health and fitness!
Peggy Bowes, fitness expert, has shared her story on Journey Home with Marcus Grodi and is available to speak at your event. She’s a popular speaker for women’s groups, homeschool groups and for all fitness programs in which the goal is to combine health and wellness in a Catholic manner.

To invite Peggy to speak at your event, visit her website at www.RosaryWorkout.com.

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All New!
All Things Girl: Friends, Fashion and Faith
All Things Girl: Friends, Fashion and Faith Journal
Perfect for tween and teen girls groups

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