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Bezalel means "in the shadow of God." It is a very powerful word. It speaks well to my hopes and prayers for the books that Bezalel will publish. My mission, at Bezalel Books, is to provide support and encouragement to Christian writers.

Bezalel Books seeks to provide opportunities for authors to publish works for which they feel passionate about; works that have the potential to make a true difference; works that provide illumination to others whether fiction or non-fiction. Books that carry the Bezalel name reflect the teachings and values of Christ and are inspirational in nature.

As a Catholic publisher, Bezalel reserves the sole right to determine suitability of material for publication under its name.
What We Offer Our Authors
Bezalel Books is currently seeking authors with a voice of inspiration who have an ability to capture the essence of our everyday journey in a heartfelt way. People who read these books are excited to share them with their friends and family due to the very nature of their ability to touch the reader. There is a tremendous market “out there” for new authors to be heard and Bezalel, as an independent Catholic publishing company, is determined to find those voices.

As a Catholic Publishing Company, Bezalel looks to attract authors whose purpose and interests are in sharing both fiction and non-fiction works with discerning Christian readers. Although the secular influences in entertainment are more apparent than ever, it is also quite evident that millions of people are searching for literature that both entertains and provides nourishment to the soul. Bezalel exists to fill that need.

Bezalel Books is, in many ways, a hybrid publishing company. We will not publish everything that is presented to us but we do charge a fee for the books that we publish. If Bezalel sounds like a company you are interested in, please read through the following introductory explanation of "Books-to-Print" and contact us at 248.917.3865 or at BezalelBooks @ Gmail.com (no spaces) if you would like further information.
Books-to-Print Services
What We Offer: Bezalel offers authors an opportunity to see their book in print, usually within two months of final payment. While not all books submitted to Bezalel are selected, every book published under Bezalel's imprint receives the same time and effort to bring it to full fruition. This includes communication between editor and author in regards to editing, formatting, content and all other components that will contribute to the book's quality.

Marketing is a key component to any book's success and Bezalel would like to hear how each author will be able to participate in the process. Oftentimes writing the book is the easy part while selling it is the difficult component. This is particularly true for self-published authors. It is important that all authors understand this before pursuing any self-publishing option.

Bezalel encourages personal quotes for the back cover. Quotes from recognized names will add to the marketability of your book and are great blessings.

Distribution: All Bezalel books are also distributed through Ingram, Spring Arbor, and/or Baker and Taylor and are available both in the United States and in the UK. These distribution centers make each book available to countless online booksellers. However, just because a book is available through these large distribution centers does not guarantee that a book will be picked up by various booksellers. This is where an author's diligence and perseverance are key.

The publishing package for manuscripts, fiction or non-fiction, is $1500.00. This covers books less than 250 pages in length. With the $1500 price there is production of a first galley for the author's approval after working with the manuscript through editor/author communication. Royalties are determined after many items are set including page count and book size but Bezalel makes every effort to provide authors with the best royalty payments possible and will gladly look at any written contract offered by another company to see if it is possible to match or beat their royalty schedule or per book price offered to author.

Bezalel highly encourages authors to investigate a variety of other publishing companies, agencies, and related services before making a decision to pursue using Bezalel. This will help ensure author's satisfaction with the services that Bezalel offers.

Working with Cheryl and Bezalel Books is inspirational, educational, uplifting, and just plain fun. Cheryl has the joy of the Lord and the expertise, creativity, and drive to bring His message of hope, healing, and happiness to readers and seminar audiences everywhere. She has a deep knowledge of the Catholic faith and the ability to help Catholics and other Christians understand their faith more fully. Cheryl has helped me grow as a writer and a speaker and made my books the best they can be.
- Teresa Tomeo, Syndicated Catholic Talk Show host, Author, and Motivational Speaker